Can I still use The Bronzer if I’m pregnant?
All products except The Bronzer Self Tan. This product contains Vitamin A, therefore it should not be used during pregnancy. With the other products in the range, every woman’s body reacts differently during pregnancy so it is always best to check with your doctor first. We also recommend applying a test patch first (even if you aren’t pregnant) to see how your skin reacts before using a full application of The Bronzer.

How long will The Bronzer Self Tan last for?
The Bronzer Self Tan should last up to one week. The colour will gradually fade, which is perfectly normal. However, you can always apply another coat mid-week to keep up with your desired tone.

Is The Bronzer Instant Tan water-resistant?
Yes. Light rain or sweat should not affect the Instant Tan at all. The special gel formula absorbs into the skin very well so the ability to reflect small quantities of water is evident.

Will The Bronzer rub off on my clothes?
Absolutely not. If you follow our care instructions and let your self-tan dry properly, it will not rub off on any material.

Does The Bronzer streak or flake off?
Our care instructions help avoid this. Preceding use, if you have not exfoliated The Bronzer could streak or flake. Not exfoliating is the most common cause of this.
Do I still need to use an SPF sunscreen if I’m wearing The Bronzer?
Yes. The Bronzer is not a sunscreen and has no SPF protection whatsoever. Sunscreen may be applied easily over the top of The Bronzer once dry.

Do the products have an expiry date?
Yes, we have removed parabens and nasty chemicals that could preserve our products for years, in order to give you the most natural, golden formula. We recommend you try and use all the self-tan approx. 6 months after first opening the tube.


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