Five Aussie Brands To Support Right Now

So far 2020 has been one giant headache. Between bushfires ravaging our nation and global pandemic destroying lives (and our economy) it’s been tough to keep trucking with a smile on our face through it all. Retail, especially smaller businesses have arguably been hit the hardest, and at a time when we’re all more conscious of where we spend our money, it’s never been more important than now to support Australian companies and Australian made products. Because right now, our money is best spent in our own backyards (and to travel within Australia too, when we’re allowed again!).

Of course, as you probably already know The Bronzer falls into that category too. Proudly Australian owned and run, our formulas are made right here in Melbourne, Australia. But we’re not here to toot our own horn, we’re here to share the love of other brands we love. Here some home-grown labels that we’re supporting now.

The luxe swimwear label is the brainchild of two Melbournian sisters, Carla and Marcela, an ode to their mother, to travel and that feeling of freedom running into the ocean in a new swimsuit. Sustainability and ethical production is at the core of what they do. Their fabric is sourced from Italy, but each piece is made to order, sewn by Melbourne-based seamstresses with strict ethical and pay guidelines. Designed to last, and to create memories in each piece is a timeless classic that honours the female form.


Inspired by her grandma, Beverly, who taught her how to knit, designer Shannyn Lorkin is bringing knitting to this millenia. Each of her pieces is hand-knit to order (either personally, or by one of her select “knitters” around Oz, and the tag will tell you who knitted it), so you’ll need to wait a couple of weeks to get the goods in your hands, but we can vouch for the fact that it’s worth the wait. The patterns are designed to be forever-classics with a focus on quality over quantity, and new designs dropping seasonally. So as you cosy up this winter you can wrap yourself in the lovingly hand made knit.

Yes there are keep cups out there… but how many cute keep cups have you seen? Public Holiday is proof that eco can be stylish too with their range of beautiful ceramic travel cups in two different sizes. The treasures are hand made by ceramicist Carly Buteux in Sydney’s Inner West, hand formed using a potting wheel which means every single piece is unique. The designs mix bold patterns and colours with natural, earthy textures, so you can find one to literally suit any flavour. Oh and she even does mugs and planters too. The only problem is, they’re constantly out of stock. So sign up to Carly’s newsletter to know in advance when her new drops are.


You may have seen some of Natalie Fitch’s delicate stones and chains adoring the necks and fingers of celebrities and influencers. You may just have admired the fine chains and craftsmanship from the comfort of your Instagram feed. Or maybe you’re new to the brand. But here’s some things you may not know about Natalie Marie Jewellery: Each of their pieces is handmade to order. This ensures there’s no wastage from overordering. Sustainable practices are at the core of what they do: which is why even as they have grown they’ve kept production in house so they can  ensure their ethical practices are upheld. They are also accredited by the Responsible Jewellery Council which further cements their ethical standpoint. They are living proof that fashion, and fine jewellery can be both ethical and beautiful.


It’s not easy for fashion brands to be made in Australia – it’s an expensive and lengthy process. But for Sydney Label, Matin, being homegrown was more important than churning out new designs every five seconds. Designed by Lucy and Michelle Perrett, the shapes pay homage to the ‘70s, loose yet refined, simple, yet sophisticated, using classic colourways that give it an almost french twist. Using natural fabrics like cotton and linen, the silhouettes are always on trend, but forever classic. You can be sure they’ll be collectors items one day.


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